Mike Leach Compares Wilson and Crabtree

Google Images - Marquess Wilson

Now before you laugh about Marquess Wilson being compared to Michael Crabtree, the guy is a very solid player. You cannot deny that. But Mike Leach actually compared Wilson’s work ethic to Crabtree’s.

He stated: “He needs to figure out how to get off of press coverage and he needs to fight through it a little better, and needs to be a more consistent player,” Leach mentioned after practice. Leach then said that Wilson does not compare to Michael Crabtree, who shined for Leach at Texas Tech. “Now, he could. He could. But the biggest thing on doing that is he’s got to have the same work ethic and right now his work ethic doesn’t equal — great receivers have great work ethic. Right now, his work ethic’s average.”

That’s a pretty bold comment coming from a great head coach. I think I would listen to him if I was Wilson. Leach is a winner and I do not believe he threw him under the bus. I think he was teaching Wilson how to play Mike Leach football. And if Wilson wants to help WAZZOU and the cougars win football games, I would be the first in and the last out everyday.