CollegeFootballSaturday Rankings: Top 50 Players in College Football for 2010

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How do you rank the top 50 college football players in the country?


Patrick Peterson (No. 1) and A. J. Green (No. 3) have tangled in the SEC the last few seasons.

Little sleep, lots of research, and knowing that no matter what somebody is going to call you an idiot at the end of the day because “You forgot ___________! How is ____________ not on this list?”

To be clear right up front, this is not an easy process. NFL analysis does not affect any of these rankings, because this list is ranking college football players in college football. Freshman were eligible to make the list, but since I have only seen recruiting videos on all of them, I elected to leave off freshman for now. On this list you will see players who haven’t played a lot and players that have proven themselves for the most part. The players that haven’t played are guys I believe are going to be breakout stars this year.

It is tough to put together the perfect formula for doing something like this. How much does last year weigh in? How much does not playing last year because of an injury or because a guy in front of a player was already a star? It’s tough. Hopefully readers will realize this is an impossible task and take this as one man’s ranking of college football players for this upcoming season.

I know there are some very, very good players not on this list. It’s impossible to rank everyone. If I had the time and money to do it, I’d rank every player in the entire country. Unfortunately, I don’t have either.

Which player checks in at number one?

Patrick Peterson, the cornerback from LSU. Peterson is a big strong, physical corner that has shown his incredible shutdown skills in the nation’s toughest conference. Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram checks in at No. 2 (his backup Trent Richardson is at No. 20)  and Georgia wide receiver A. J. Green is third. I will let you scroll down to see the rest of the rankings.

So, take this, read it, and pass it along.

Rank Player Position Class Team
1 peterson80x50 Patrick Peterson CB Jr. LSU
markingram80x50 Mark Ingram RB Jr. Alabama
ajgreen80x50 A. J. Green WR Jr. Georgia
4 gregjones80x50 Greg Jones LB Sr. Michigan State
5 jaredcrick80x50 Jared Crick DT Jr. Nebraska
6 ryanwilliams80x50 Ryan Williams RB So. Virginia Tech
7 ryanmallett80x50 Ryan Mallett QB Jr. Arkansas
8 terrellepryor80x50 Terrelle Pryor QB Jr. Ohio State
9 dionlewis80x50 Dion Lewis RB So. Pittsburgh
10 gregromeus80x50 Greg Romeus DE Sr. Pittsburgh
11 vonmiller80x50 Von Miller LB Sr. Texas A&M
12 kellenmoore80x50 Kellen Moore QB Jr. Boise State
13 jakelocker80x50 Jake Locker QB Sr. Washington
14 robertquinn80x50 Robert Quinn DE Jr. North Carolina
15 adrianclayborn80x50 Adrian Clayborn DE Sr. Iowa
16 casekeenum80x50 Case Keenum QB Sr. Houston
17 michaelfloyd80x50 Michael Floyd WR Jr. Notre Dame
18 jacquizzrodgers80x50 Jacquizz Rodgers RB Jr. Oregon State
19 marvinaustin80x50 Marvin Austin DT Sr. North Carolina
20 trentrichardson80x50 Trent Richardson RB So. Alabama
21 mikepouncey80x50 Mike Pouncey OG Sr. Florida
22 marcelldareus80x50 Marcell Dareus DE Jr. Alabama
23 lamichaeljames80x50 LaMichael James RB So. Oregon
24 rodneyhudson80x50 Rodney Hudson OG Sr. Florida State
25 demarcomurray80x50 DeMarco Murray RB Sr. Oklahoma
26 jacoryharris80x50 Jacory Harris QB Jr. Miami
27 cameronheyward80x50 Cameron Heyward DE Sr. Ohio State
28 evanroyster80x50 Evan Royster RB Sr. Penn State
29 rahimmoore80x50 Rahim Moore S Sr. UCLA
30 juliojones80x50 Julio Jones WR Jr. Alabama
31 deandremcdaniel80x50 DeAndre McDaniel S Sr. Clemson
32 robertgriffin80x50 Robert Griffin QB Sr. Baylor
33 kristoferoddowd80x50 Kristofer O’ Dowd C Sr. USC
34 johnbrantley80x50 John Brantley QB Jr. Florida
35 ryanbroyles80x50 Ryan Broyles WR Jr. Oklahoma
36 johnclay80x50 John Clay RB Jr. Wisconsin
37 dontahightower80x50 Dont’a Hightower LB So. Alabama
38 ahmadblack80x50 Ahmad Black S Sr. Florida
39 colinkaepernick80x50 Colin Kaepernick QB Sr. Nevada
40 ryankerrigan80x50 Ryan Kerrigan DE Sr. Purdue
41 titusyoung80x50 Titus Young WR Sr. Boise State
42 markbarron80x50 Mark Barron S Jr. Alabama
43 brandonharris80x50 Brandon Harris CB Jr. Miami
44 jamescleveland80x50 James Cleveland WR Sr. Houston
45 cameronnewton80x50 Cameron Newton QB Jr. Auburn
46 jonathanbaldwin80x50 Jonathan Baldwin WR So. Pittsburgh
47 tyrodtaylor80x50 Tyrod Taylor QB Sr. Virginia Tech
48 danielthomas80x50 Daniel Thomas RB So. Kansas State
49 vontazeburfict80x50 Vontaze Burfict LB So. Arizona State
50 landryjones80x50 Landry Jones QB So. Oklahoma
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Daniel Evans owns and He has a Bachelor's degree from UAB in Journalism, He's written for Touchdown Alabama magazine,, and does a weekly sports radio show on Blaze Radio. Evans' bracketology is ranked among the nation's leaders, according to rankings from The Bracket Matrix.


  1. u forgot about Jerrod Johnson, QB, Texas A&M. Had best stats of any QB in a BCS conference last year. I’d put him in the top 3 QBs with mallet and locker.

  2. It’s a wonder that the Longhorns win a single game with the pitiful talent they have.

  3. Look, I am as orange and blue as they come (no, not the lame ass Boise State colors, but the ORIGINAL Orange and Blue of the MIGHTY Florida Gators…but Christian Ponder not being in the top 50 is BUFFOONERY guys! He’s a Heisman contender, and much better than Jacory Harris.

  4. Daniel Evans says:

    Jerrod Johnson is a hell of a quarterback. I love watching him play and I think in the end that he will end up being a very high pick in the NFL Draft. What people reading this don’t realize is that I am ranking FIFTY players out of the entire country. A lot of GREAT players cannot make this list. Try making a list yourself. No matter what some great players are going to be left off the list.

  5. Daniel Evans says:

    AH, very funny. Texas has a lot of good players, but most of the elite talent left last season. I’m sure the Longhorns will make me look silly this year by having a couple of Heisman candidates, but it was hard to pinpoint who the breakout player for Texas is going to be.

  6. Daniel Evans says:

    The Greek, I agree Christian Ponder is a good player, but I don’t think he’s an automatic inclusion in this list. I could name 50 players that I think could be placed on this list that aren’t on this list, but only 50 could make it.

  7. What has John Brantley done to get him at #24? How do we even know he will be any good? This list was crap, the #1 player is not a corner. I would take every person in the top 10 before him, except the Pitt DE, who is not the best DE on the list. How Heyward is not above him, yet he is number 1 on all the NFL lists is mind blowing. Most would have Ingram as the top player, given that he won that award. Don’t rank people who are yet to play a game.

  8. Excuse me, I meant 34.

  9. I hear you saying that Texas’ talent graduated last year and implying that you won’t go out on a limb to project production based on mere potential, but I see you putting John Brantley on your list. Your list speaks louder than your words.

    If you want to look at Texas’ top players, look no further than Texas’ Curtis Brown (the #12 NFL prospect according to, Aaron Williams, and Chykie Brown for 3 of the top CBs in the nation. DE Sam Acho (last year’s sack leader with 10) is listed as the #21 NFL prospect for next year’s draft by DE Alex Okafor is poised for a breakout year after extensive playing time during his true freshman campaign. QB Garrett Gilbert will attend at least one Heisman ceremony in his career.

    Bottom line, the Texas roster is littered with NFL talent and NFL scouts would back you up if you wanted to sprinkle a few of those guys in the top 50.

  10. Daniel Evans says:

    CJM, not ranking players because they haven’t played in football is the equivalent of not ranking John Wall in the top 50 of a preseason basketball player rankings list for last offseason. Someone has to stick their neck out in this world and I have with this list. Brantley has played, a lot of times in the third and fourth quarter for Florida, and projects to be very good.

    How many defensive players are even considered for the Heisman each year? The award goes to the best player on the best team, not the best player. Therefore Ingram does not have to be #1 when ranking the nation’s best players.

    I wrote in the opening that NFL scouting has NOTHING to do with this list. Cameron Heyward has 11 sacks in his career at Ohio State. Greg Romeus had 8 last year alone. He also picked off a pass and forced two fumbles, stats Heyward never factored into.

  11. Daniel Evans says:

    AH, I don’t think it is a stretch to put Brantley on this list. I guess we will have to see as the season goes on how good Brantley ends up being. I project him to be a great quarterback although he will be tested a lot in the SEC.

    Again, there is a huge difference between being good in college and in the pros. Ask Tony Gerhart, Jimmy Clausen, and Colt McCoy how well their great college careers set them up for the NFL Draft.

    Acho and Brown could probably be swapped with half the players in this list. I’d never say anything as ludicrous as “Texas doesn’t have a top player on its roster.” The Longhorns are immensely talented and will have some breakout stars this year. When I made my list, I just didn’t see any that caught my eye. It doesn’t mean they aren’t top 50 talents–they just didn’t make my list.

  12. “It doesn’t mean they aren’t top 50 talents–they just didn’t make my list.”

    That’s my point. Texas has players that are top 50 talents that did not make your list. I’m glad we’re both on the same page with that.

    I’m not sure why you are bringing up college careers and pro success. I’m also not sure if someone who thinks the 2009-10 Heisman runner-up’s name is Tony Gerhart should be making lists about college football.

    I’m not saying Texas has players that aren’t producing in college but will be good pros (Julio Jones). I’m saying that we have defensive players at DE and DBs that are posting double-digit sacks, 15 PBUs, or 6 INTs in their single-seaon stat lines in college and are also projected to be high draft picks. Curtis Brown shut down Jeremy Maclin and Dez Bryant in back-to-back weeks in 2008. Sam Acho led one of the top defenses in the nation in sacks. If we’re doing this list based on college production, those guys make this list. If we’re doing this list based on NFL potential, those guys make this list. If “Acho and Brown could probably be swapped with half the players in this list,” then why aren’t they?

    I’m not shocked that the guy who has Tim Tebow as his avatar is willing to stick his neck out for John Brantley, but unwilling to give any credit to 4 of the top returning defensive players in the nation. I think you should go back and take a good, hard look at Sam Acho, Aaron Williams, Curtis Brown, Chykie Brown, and Garrett Gilbert before making the 2.0 version of this list.

  13. Love all the love for my Pitt Panthers. And yes, Greg Romeus is the best DE in the country. J Baldwin is a beast, you’ll all see that this year. I don’t need to say anything about Dion, Ingram is only better because he plays for Alabama. Dion would do the same to those teams in the SEC.

  14. Daniel Evans says:

    AH, there will be a 2.0 on this because improvements can always be made (that’s why mock drafts have 2.0′s and 3.0′s and so ons and so do my preseason power rankings). Tebow is my avatar because he has been the face of college football for years and this is a college football site.

    I understand your disagreement from a Texas perspective.

  15. Thank you. Feel free to email me when you come out with the 2.0 version. Hopefully I will like it more???

  16. Thats fine if you want to stick your neck out for someone, but put him at the end. He played in the 4th quarter during ass beatings. This is like people who claimed Jevan Snead was going to be great based off of a game against a team with no defense, then Jevan proved to be Jevan. I think there is a little Southern bias on this list. Really, Jake Locker that far back, I would take him over every QB in the country. No Noel Divine? And if your sticking your neck out for people, then why not put a highly regarded in coming freshman on the list?

  17. Daniel Evans says:

    CJM, Wouldn’t West Virginia be considered a southern school? I know they aren’t a SEC team, but they are in the south. You can say whatever you want because you are entitled to your opinion, but there is no southern bias on this list.

    Jake Locker is a great quarterback but there’s a reason he’s never been mentioned in the Heisman race. Look at the ranked teams he played last year:

    USC: 21 of 35, 237 yards, 0 TDs, 0 INTs
    LSU; 25 of 45, 321 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT
    Oregon: 23 of 44, 266 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs
    (This list is based on last season’s final AP poll)

    The stats against LSU were impressive but he struggled against USC and Oregon. Against the Trojans his final drive was very impressive, but he did not put up the numbers of an elite QB.

    Ryan Mallett threw more TDs and less INTs while playing an overall better defensive schedule. He struggled vs. Alabama, played well against Florida in a near-upset, and destroyed Georgia and Texas A&M. Kellen Moore may have played a weaker schedule, but threw as many interceptions all year (3) as Locker threw in the month of November. I am not a big fan of Terrelle Pryor, but he had 25 total touchdowns (rushing and passing). He’s not a polished passer and Locker had just as many rushing TDs as he had (but way less yards). I’ve always been on Pryor for not winning big games. Those two could be swapped and I couldn’t complain. A lot depends on how you believe Pryor/Locker will play this season.

  18. Not sure I would consider West Virginia southern, it borders Ohio and Pennsylvania. Does that mean there are only 2 northern states above them and then Canada, not to get into a geographical debate, but same goes for Kentucky. Only reason they are really considered Southern is due to southern stereotypes. Back to football though, the states for Locker are not bad at all that you presented. You agree that the LSU states are good and there is nothing wrong with his play against USC and it produced a win. You have Pryor up there and I am not debating that, he is a tremendous athlete, but Washington is not OSU, nowhere near the same supporting cast. Few teams recruit as good or better than Ohio State and that was shown when Pryor was doing poorly, they still could beat teams. Pryor had like 3 good games and statistically he really had like 2 and I live in Columbus, Ohio so I should be biased. Pulling my bias out now, how is it that Posey does not make it on the list or Justin Boren. Posey has the stats, potential and big play ability. If you are ranking players, do not go by stats, you have to take into account their team and system.

  19. West Virginia is not Southern, it is less than an hour from Pittsburgh.

    How does Baldwin fall all the way to 46 (#7 WR)? This dude put up over 1100 yds with BILL STULL at QB! He is also 6’5″ and runs a 4.4.

    Even though I hate WVU, Devine should be on this list for sure(put him instead of Royster if you must haha)


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